Studio Rules

  1. No food or drinks allowed on stage or on the podcast counter. Water (ONLY) is allowed to be kept on the floor or on the tables provided in both the Podcast Studio and the rehearsal floor area.
  2. NEVER GIVE YOUR CODE TO ANYONE. You are responsible for your access code and its use. If you lose your code or feel it should be refreshed please contact me at
  3. Your access code is for your use during booked session times. After hours use, or entry and/or use of the studio beyond the hours of your booked session, is strictly prohibited.
  4. Please note that security cameras are in use at all times. Cameras are motion activated and are for security purposes only.
  5. Respect other members’ time. Please use every minute of your session but please be advised that there’s an expectation that you will be walking out of the door within the last 60 seconds of your session.
  6. Don’t chat people up on your way out… the incoming artists and podcasters paid for a full session too.
  7. It’s best to watch all of the instructional videos on the podcast studio or rehearsal studio to familiarize yourself with our equipment PRIOR to your first session. But even so, please allow for a learning curve in your first session.
  8. 3 strikes and your out: If you receive 3 complaints about not being out on time, and we confirm via security footage, your membership will be revoked. If you feel you need more than an hour and a half, please book two sessions.
  9. Keep front door shut at all times.
  10. Musicians are allowed to bring one guest each. Invite your friends to your gigs, not your rehearsals.
  11. Children under 10 years old are not allowed in the studio.
  12. Kids under 18 years old are not allowed to be left unattended outside of the podcast studio. Kids are welcome to join you in the podcast studio or sit outside with an attending adult; provided all kids are over the age of 10.
  13. Only iandi Music Studio Member Artists are allowed ON the rehearsal stages.
  14. Maxing out the sound system and amplifiers is prohibited. This studio is for finding your sound and perfecting your craft. Get loud, just don’t get stupid.
  15. Respect the restroom. Keep it nice please! Use the spray and use the plunger if needed.
  16. STAGE ONLY: All amps must be put into Standby BEFORE shutting down power.
  17. STAGE ONLY: Mute all channels on the drive amp.
  18. STAGE ONLY: Turn off both wireless mics before leaving.
  19. STAGE ONLY: No Heavy Metal, Death Metal or Thrasher music please.
  20. Respect all equipment. Do not break anything.
  21. Respect the studio. It’s yours, its ours. i and i are all family here and we hope to never have to revoke a membership.
  22. Tampering with or modifying the security system, alarm panel, security cameras, door chimes or motion detectors is strictly prohibited and is grounds for revocation of your membership immediately without any prior notice.
  23. Stay out of doors labeled Restricted Area or Employees Only.
  24. Do not leave food in the refrigerator. If you see water in the fridge, its community water. All other beverages belong to iandi staff.
  25. Please shut off the lights when you leave.

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